Casterton Horse Racing Results for 29 May 2017

On 29 May 2017 at Casterton horse racing results includes:

Race 1 the "Eulong Mdn Hrdl" horse race won by Unique Assassin (Fomalhaut (USA), Keswa (NZ))

Race 2 the "Lanyons Livestock Hwt (BM58)" horse race won by Hello My Dear (Court Of Jewels (NZ), Ha'penny Blue (AUS))

Race 3 the "Comfort Inn Botanical Stpl" horse race won by Mannertone (Manner Hill (AUS), Hampton (AUS))

Race 4 the "Crownbet Mdn Plate" horse race won by Cape Sounion (Bel Esprit (AUS), Sulmita (AUS))

Race 5 the "Wdea Hamilton (BM64)" horse race won by Two Hats (Holy Roman Emperor (IRE), Luminata (NZ))

Race 6 the "Trotters Coaches (BM64)" horse race won by De Twigstar (Delzao (AUS), Twigley (AUS))

Race 7 the "Crownbet (BM58)" horse race

Race 8 the "Hamiltonracingclub.Com.Au-Bm58" horse race

Race Results - 29/5/2017 [+]

29 May 2017 Casterton   

R1Eulong Mdn HrdlUnique AssassinFomalhaut (USA)Keswa (NZ) 
R2Lanyons Livestock Hwt (BM58)Hello My DearCourt Of Jewels (NZ)Ha'penny Blue (AUS) 
R3Comfort Inn Botanical StplMannertoneManner Hill (AUS)Hampton (AUS) 
R4Crownbet Mdn PlateCape SounionBel Esprit (AUS)Sulmita (AUS) 
R5Wdea Hamilton (BM64)Two HatsHoly Roman Emperor (IRE)Luminata (NZ) 
R6Trotters Coaches (BM64)De TwigstarDelzao (AUS)Twigley (AUS) 
R7Crownbet (BM58)    
R1Unique Assassin3U MDNHDLE3480m3:52.88S13.38 0.011.51
R2Hello My DearBM582000m2:10.38S13.04 0.098.32
R3Mannertone3U STPLE3300m4:12.63S15.31 0.045.32
R4Cape Sounion2U MDN1200m1:14.09S12.35 0.000.01
R5Two HatsBM641800mS 0.0911.82
R6De TwigstarBM641100mS 0.01315.53

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